Making Lessons Fun -- Making Lessons Effective

At Kids Love Guitar we have a core philosophy – that with the right approach, every child can learn to play music!

​We provide guitar lessons for boys and girls ages 5 and up.  For those students who wish to sing while playing guitar, we also include singing with lessons.  We proudly serve Harrisburg, Lemoyne, Lancaster and surrounding areas.

Our learning approach is built around a specialized curriculum that is custom made for children.  By staying kid-focused, we have the ability to give your child the best possible learning experience.  To put it simply, we know how to make learning guitar FUN and EASY!

kid singing playing small

Another big factor in our students’ success is the guitar itself. Many parents don’t know this, but guitar can be THE easiest instrument for a child to learn. One reason is that small-size guitars are comfortable to hold and to play – really a “perfect fit” for kids.

​Perhaps the most important ingredient for our students’ success is our caring instructors.  For us, the experience of teaching guitar goes beyond just turning your child into a good musician.  It’s about exciting, motivating, and challenging him or her to reach the fullest potential. It’s about giving the gift of music – a precious gift that will last a lifetime!